Making Peaceful Change and Opportunity Through Sports

Sport creates teamwork and teamwork creates peace

When several ethnic groups live in close quarters, as they do in Kibera, misunderstandings can lead to stereotypes and violence. Our sports programs teach more than just sports to young people living in Kibera.

September 20, 2018

At CFK, our sports programs teach more than just sports to youth living in Kibera. They help promote peace and tolerance by encouraging players to rely on their teammates and work towards a common goal. Being part of a team also helps youth improve their self-confidence and learn valuable lessons about leadership, fairness, and gender equality while creating a platform to build on and leverage their talents.

 “I decided to join them because spending my free time alone was not good for me. CFK was my first team,” shares Belinda, who is now a goalkeeper for professional team, Mathare United. “CFK has supported me in my career… I’d like to share my skills so that the other kids who are still young can have that opportunity.”

In recognition of the International Day of Peace, we are celebrating our sports program and the opportunity it provides to youth in Kibera like Belinda. Watch our video to hear Belinda’s story and learn how CFK supported her path to success as a professional soccer player and as a leader in Kibera.

Your investment in our youth development programs are supporting so many youth like Belinda who are living in Kibera. Thank you for your continued support in our mission to catalyze positive change in Kibera.

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