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Our Approach

Poverty is complex – its solutions are never easy. The best strategies address the needs of the whole person. Our priority initiatives reflect our dedication to creating sustainable, far-reaching change.

We believe that the residents of Kibera are true development experts. Its ambitious young people have resounding hope and remarkable creativity. They have the talent and initiative to create real, sustainable change. Oftentimes all they need are the resources and a support network to help their ideas thrive.

Focus areas

CFK Girls

Strong girls make strong communities

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CFK Health

All people deserve high-quality, low-cost healthcare

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CFK Thrive

Building a sustainable future for Kibera

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CFK Youth

Youth are the leaders of today and tomorrow

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Creating & sustaining holistic change

Effective change is change that continues. We ensure lasting and widespread impact through an idea we call cascading leadership. We do not simply deliver goods and services to Kibera. Instead, we collaborate with community leaders to create programs that reach thousands of residents.

Community members assume leadership roles within our programs and become ambassadors for their families and friends. They expand our reach by growing programs, engaging their personal networks, and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Looking Forward: Growth Targets for 2020

Clinic Expansion

Expand Tabitha Medical Clinic to a Tier 3 medical facility providing comprehensive maternity services

Strengthen collaborations

Strengthen university and research-based collaborations to guide evidence-based, best practices

Increase enrollment

Increase enrollment in programs to reach up to 5,000 more youth in the community

Evaluation Metrics

Implement comprehensive monitoring and evaluation metrics for all CFK programs

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