16 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women

#hearmetoo #lazimanibonge

From November 25 through December 10, CFK participated in a 16 day global movement to end violence against women.

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We're Hiring! US Office Job Opening: Director of Operations & Communications

CFK seeks applications for the position of Director of Operations & Communications

Carolina for Kibera, Inc. (CFK), seeks a mission-focused, analytical, creative, and highly organized operations leader to join our U.S. team. The Director we seek will work in close partnership with the Executive Director of CFK, Kenya. The primary role of the Director of Operations and Communications is to implement, manage, and oversee the operational and communication objectives of the U.S. office.

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We're Hiring! US Office Job Opening: Development Officer

CFK seeks applications for the position of Development Officer

Carolina for Kibera (CFK) seeks an experienced, confident, energetic, and highly organized fundraising professional to join our US team. The Development Officer (DO) will hold primary responsibility for the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of major donors/prospects, including individual donors, foundations, and corporations. Through this work, the DO will build sustainable, long-term philanthropic relationships between CFK and its donors while meeting major gift fundraising objectives. The DO works independently and is also part of a three-person fundraising team that includes a Director of Operations & Communications and an Administrative Associate. The DO reports to the Director of Operations and Communications.

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Board Spotlight: David Mshila

An Interview with Kenyan Board of Trustees Chair

Serving others is what inspires me. Knowing that the environment for which you live in does not define you and that you can rise above such places, like informal settlements with all its disadvantages, and compete with the rest of the world with all their privileges that goes with it.

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Sports can reduce youth violence, crime and substance abuse

Ann Kungu, Impact Manager at CFK

Coupled with the vast challenges found in informal settlements, young people who are out of school in dangerous social and physical environments are vulnerable to engagement in crime and substance abuse.

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Making Peaceful Change and Opportunity Through Sports

Sport creates teamwork and teamwork creates peace

When several ethnic groups live in close quarters, as they do in Kibera, misunderstandings can lead to stereotypes and violence. Our sports programs teach more than just sports to young people living in Kibera.

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Sacrificing in Success: Remembering Tabitha Festo

CFK Co-founder's work and dream perseveres

A model for sustainable development in slums around the world, the clinic unites both eco-friendly design and advanced medical services, continuing Tabitha’s dream of providing affordable, quality care for all.

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#KaribuKenya - The True Spirit of Community Development

Ashley Coleman, Social Work student and 2018 Peacock Fellow

Though we came to Kenya and Kibera as outsiders and strangers, we left as friends and family. Without that sense of openness, graciousness, and community that was extended to us from the very beginning, I know that this experience for me would not have been nearly as impactful.

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Rye Barcott's advice to the UNC graduating class of 2018? "Take the Pain."

The challenge is pain is inevitable, and it does not go away if you run from it. In fact, it often gets worse.

Sometimes, counterintuitively, the best way to take pain out of the world is to confront it head on. So the question I want to focus this address on is: how best to take the pain, and at the same time create something useful, something positive, out of it?

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Community Development is a Way of Life

Anna DeGrauw, 2018 CFK Peacock Fellow

Community development, and our focus on girl’s empowerment, is an act that takes daily practice which is strengthened by continual critique, analysis, and optimism.

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Making Change Possible in Kibera and Beyond

Celebrating Our Supporters

On International #CharityDay 2018, we are thankful for our supporters and for their contribution to the change happening in Kibera.

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A Complete Change of Heart and Mind

Martha Jacobs, Volunteer Nursing Externship - Summer 2018

When I think back on this experience and what I hope for my future nursing career, I hope to embody excitement towards diversity as the little children showed me for four weeks. And, I hope to treat people just as Kenya treated me: with lots of love.

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Thousands displaced in Kibera following evictions

Urban development often neglects urban poor

More than 10,000 were left homeless after authorities cleared area for road construction to alleviate the capital's notorious traffic.

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The Team that Plays Together Stays Together

Kicking off the new fiscal year with teamwork

Teamwork is important on many levels. Working as a team internally ensures that our beneficiaries are receiving the best, most innovative and technically accurate services and programs.

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Easing the Burden

Sack farms provide nutrition and income for families

For Peter, a sack and soil were easy to secure. However, the greater challenge in the impoverished community was attaining seeds or kale sprouts to plant.

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Congratulations, Class of 2018!

Closing the Gender Gap in Technology

Our initiative is unique in that it helps develop the whole girl: educating her mind, supporting her health, and helping her secure future success.

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Swapping My Stethoscope for Spreadsheets

Michelle Ikoma, 2018 Peacock Fellow

My scrubs and stethoscope have yet to leave my suitcase, but even so, I’m confident that my efforts will positively impact the health of Kibera’s children.

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Investing in Success

6 reasons to give to CFK

Join us in envisioning a community where every person, regardless of their background, has a voice and an opportunity to realize their full potential.

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Applause + Awards

Kennedy Juma, Sports Association Director

CFK honors schools at 5th Annual Kibera Constituency Education Day and Talent Development Award ceremony.

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CFK Initiative Focuses on School Attendance

Jeffrey Okoro, Education Program Director

In the last 15 years, the number of Kiberan children who have ever attended school has risen from about 15% to about 90%.

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Reflections on Complexity: Kibera as it is

Travis Wieland, medical student

One of the biggest challenges for many medical students is becoming comfortable with complexity.

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